be Frenzy

Searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery.

A Good-ish Person

Many of us care deeply about feeling like a good person and being seen as a good person. We may not all have the same definition of "good person", but within whatever our definition is, that moral identity is important to many of us.... Continue Reading →

The Confidence Quandary

How are you supposed to be confident about something when you have nothing to feel confident about? Like, how are you supposed to be confident at your new job if you’ve never done this type of work before? Or how... Continue Reading →

Illusion Of Reality

Arguably, we have lost our way, cutting ourselves adrift from our sense of place and purpose in the world. Often we focus our attention on downstream effects instead of paying adequate attention to the root causes. Woven into our scientific-philosophy... Continue Reading →

Be Slow To Judge

When I think of key leadership qualities, decisiveness is always high on the list. Identifying what’s wrong with a situation—including the attitude and actions of the people involved—is absolutely necessary for our lives. But if we’re too quick, we risk... Continue Reading →

“Those 32 Headlines…”

I believe it was April's morning when I heard "Those 32 Headlines". Being a young adult, I am habituate of listening to some news headlines before leaving for work. That day, I turned on my TV and what I saw... Continue Reading →

“Girl-Friend” not “Girlfriend”

Life is not a Bollywood movie where a man and a woman who spend enough time together will inevitably, inescapably, unequivocally fall in love with each other and enunciate their mutual affection to the world through a hilariously choreographed musical... Continue Reading →

The Psychology Of Expectations

“If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed.” -Sylvia Plath. Disappointment is caused when one’s hopes and expectations aren’t satisfied. Whenever you have an expectation, no matter how small it is, there’s always a possibility it won’t be met. Hence, the risk... Continue Reading →

Brother-Sister Relationship

Ah, the precious brother-sister bond: it’s unlike any other relationship. Your sibling might make life harder, what with the constant bossing around and mean insults. But then again, they also make it much easier—whether it’s teaching you how to deal... Continue Reading →

It’s (Really) Complicated

I used to wonder what “It’s complicated” on people’s timelines meant. I recall relationships to be a very simple affair — you either love him/her or don’t (and vice versa). At first, I thought making your relationship seem complicated on social media... Continue Reading →

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